Questions You Always Wanted to Ask a Professional Organizer

This post is for all the people who may be shy about asking questions. I will answer the questions I get asked most often, and some others you might have been afraid to ask.

1. What does your desk look like?


The desk of Professional Organizer Jane Carroo

I know people must wonder about this one. Well here it is. It’s probably not as clean and pretty as you might imagine a professional organizer’s desk to be. For me, it’s not about pretty, it’s about “working well” so that I can be productive. At any one time, there are many projects in process and along with them come papers that need to be reviewed and handled. My desk has always been a challenge. The more work I produce, the more paper needs to be processed. (Sound familiar?)   When the organization falls apart due to overwhelm, I feel so much more depleted.  If I can maintain the organization somewhat, it enables me to continue my work.  One important tip is to recognize that we evolve. As a result, we need to continually evaluate whether the systems we have in place are still working.  Your home and office need to evolve with you.

2. Do the spaces you organize, stay organized?

We often check back in on clients to see how the organizing systems we designed are working.  In most cases, the spaces we organized are still organized a year later. It means we designed a system that is working for the individual, and they are able to maintain it.  That is a key point. Our brains don’t all work the same way. People who are visual find colors very useful in organizing.  Others need printed words. We really try to understand how our clients think and live, so the organizing system we design makes sense to them.   Anyone can come in and organize a room, but when it stays that way , that’s something special.

3. What’s the strangest request or weirdest organizing job you’ve ever had?

Just when I think I’ve seen it all, something new comes along. I’ve dealt with a lawyer’s important paperwork strewn all over a bedroom floor. I’ve seen people living out of boxes while their closets remained empty. I’ve had to unblock the hallway of a hoarder, so inspectors could get through. At this point, I think it would be hard to shock me. My number one rule is to never judge. The truth is there are many reasons that clutter gets out of control. Sometimes people just need some help, and I am blessed to be able to transform lives with what I do.

4. What does professional organizing cost?

I get asked this question a lot, and it is difficult to answer. Every situation is different. For hands-on organizing, an in-person assessment can help to streamline the process and help know what to expect. We will take each project in steps and you will understand what may be involved to complete your project. We’ve done whole houses, or single closets. We also offer different levels of service to meet different budgets. If hands-on organizing is too much for you to handle you might consider phone or email coaching. Simplesizing®, our DIY approach to organizing, could be a great solution for a motivated individual on a tight budget. Don’t let worries about cost deter you from asking for help. We’ll help you find a solution.

5. Were you always super organized?

Not always. However, when I started to learn about organizing, I couldn’t stop. It was exhilarating. You can read more about my story here.

What question do you have for a professional organizer? Let me know. 

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