Organize Your Photos to Tell A Story

Photo OrganizingWith celebrations for Mother’s Day, graduations and Father’s Day looming I began thinking of ways to put a personal touch on gifts that express gratitude. The wonderful thing about gratitude is it doesn’t take up too much space. Rather than a bouquet it can be expressed with a single handpicked flower. It is a moment, not a lifetime. The best way I know how to capture a moment is through a photograph.

It is so easy and convenient to take photographs now that you may be letting the fun turn into chaos. Some people have trouble organizing photos. It goes beyond the smart phone. Think about all the forgotten photographs in your desks, basement, closet or computer. You may feel overwhelmed by a lack of any organizing scheme but don’t let that stop you from telling your story with photos.

I recently attended the Association of Personal Photo Organizers Conference and got inspired. Special presentations were given by photo organizing experts. Here are a few ideas that can help you tell your story with photographs.

Think in terms of themes. For Mother’s Day you might want to collect all the photos you can find of your mother doing something she loves. Is she a golfer, a gardener, a traveler? Whatever it is, organize your photo story around that one particular theme.

For your graduate, go through the photo albums, boxes and computer files to select best photos.  Include photos that show progress being made and ones that show him or her achieving something. While shuffling through your photo collections throw away blurry, unusable ones. Save only the ones you know you want.

After you find the photos that tell your story you may not know how to arrange them into a book, or make a poster or apply to canvas. There are so many options that many people get stuck at this point. With a little guidance, the vision of a truly personal expression of gratitude can be realized. Don’t stay stuck. We can help you put your photos together in a way that captures your imagination and generously expresses your thoughts of gratitude.

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