What Type of Organizing Help Do You Need: Hands-On, Virtual or DIY?

What kind of Organizing Do You NeedAre you self-motivated? Do you prefer to deal with clutter on your own or would you rather enlist the help of a coach?  Are you comfortable working with a coach “virtually” through email and phone, or would you prefer hands-on help from a team of professionals?

There is no right or wrong answer to any of these questions. It’s about what works best for you and –let’s face it – your budget. Hands-on help is labor-intensive and the most expensive option, but for some people it’s the only way that really works. Virtual help offers you some of the benefits of personalized coaching, without the cost of hands-on help. Do-it-yourself organizing help is affordable, but requires more discipline to be successful.

I realized early on that professional organizing services were out of reach financially for many people, so I created other types of organizing help that were more affordable, including Simplesizing®, the first DIY organizing program of its kind in the country. Simplesizing® is not about how to organize a closet, kitchen or bedroom.  Instead, DIY Simplesizing® takes you through a six-step process that helps you clarify what you want to create and identify the obstacles that get in your way.  Then it guides you in creating a plan to simplify your life. The cost is $49.00.

Simplesizing® Coaching offers the advantage of a professional coach to help confront obstacles and create organizing plans. A trained coach can help brainstorm solutions that you may never think of. A coach can help you find fresh ideas and motivate you when you get stuck. A caring coach helps you move through the emotional ties that often happen when removing clutter.  Because a coach is there for you during the process, you don’t usually get stuck or give up. The cost for a half-hour of coaching through phone or email is $99.00.

Hands-on organizing brings a professional organizer and coach to your space. Sometimes a team of organizers is needed to help physically de-clutter a space. Organizing Coach Company is there to help you overcome obstacles, make decisions and move forward.

At Organizing Coach Company, organizing help is truly customized to meet your needs. In our experience, the plans you are fully invested in, work best.  Not sure what you need? Give us a call. We can help.

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