What Does a Move Manager Do?

Couple moving with boxesNearly three quarters of the U.S. population moves at least once every five years. One out of 10 Americans moves annually according to the U.S. Census. Swings in the economy, expiring leases, divorce, corporate transfers, health and other life transitions such as marriage or retirement are reasons people are pulling up stakes and moving on.

When family members are unable to help with a move, or themselves need help, a move manager can clear the path to the new residence.  What once may have been viewed as a dreadful and stress-filled situation becomes a matter of selecting the right person to manage the move for you. Here is a glimpse of what a move manager does.

Identify and manage moving to-do list

After listening carefully to your priorities, a good move manager begins by breaking down tasks into categories. The to-do list becomes an executable plan in the hands of an experienced pro. While you always remain in control of the process, the entire move is well coordinated and organized for you.

Support for clearing unwanted items

Filtering what you value enough to bring to your new home is a process in itself. Move managers can help you arrange what you want to keep, clear, or donate. The clearing process is one of the benefits of moving. It makes you assess all your stuff and get rid of what no longer matters to you. A move manager can make an inventory of all items to be moved and check against that inventory when items arrive at the new home.


Movers only move already packed items and if they unpack it’s only to a flat surface, not put away. Packing is more than stuffing things into boxes. Fragile, oversized, or specialty items must be properly protected during the move. Arranging like-items together and labeling boxes makes unpacking more efficient. Nearly 70% of moves are local (within the same county). In such a case, a move manager can easily unpack and place items in your new home where you designate.

Referrals to Moving Companies

If you need help selecting a moving company, the move manager can provide you with names of companies they know to be well qualified. The decision on who to use remains with you and can be based on the estimates and schedules provided by each company.

Organizing Coach Company serves the Chicago area offering in-home consultations. If your move is causing too much chaos and stress, consider all of what a move manger can do to make your move productive, efficient, and yes, pleasant.

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