Feng Shui Wisdom For Clearing the Clutter

Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese practice of balancing the flow of chi (energy). It is believed that through the placement of physical objects energy flow can be either improved or blocked. I am not a Feng Shui expert, but will share some of its wisdom for anyone looking for inspiration when clearing the clutter. Obstructions such as clutter can reduce the energy level in a home.

Clutter free room

Feng Shui wisdom advises on getting rid of old stuff. Ask yourself: “What is important to my life now and for the future?” And “Why am I holding onto this?” Clearing out stagnant items (negative energy) can help shed the heaviness clutter induces in a home. Too many things tied to the past slow energy down. Get rid of shrines to the past to make room for the future. Vibrant energy comes from the things you love. Keep the items that make you truly happy.

A mess makes it difficult to find the things you value. Mixing up the energy flow like this can make you confused and stressed.

Clutter Hotspots

Clutter in these hotspots may cause restrictions:

Entryways – Life seems hard

Attics – Problems hang over your head

Basements – Weighed down by the past

Backdoor – Home becomes constipated

Energy Traps

To keep energy flowing, do not overload these room areas.

Bedrooms                Front Entryway

Closets                       Hall

Drawers                      Hall table

Under the bed            Stairs

On top of bureaus      Alcoves

Dressing table

Kitchen                      Living Room

Cabinets                     Coffee tables

Refrigerator                Behind sofas

Surfaces                      Bookshelves

Appliances                  Mantles

Garbage cans


Bathroom                 Home Office

Vanities & cabinets    Desktop

Around the sink         Filing cabinet

The floor                    Reference books

Medicine cabinet       Computer

Change the Energy

Simple Feng Shui ideas for changing the energy in a home include:

– Clap to shift trapped energy

– Open all the doors and windows

– Light candles

– Arrange fresh flowers

– Mist rooms with essential oils

Color & Lighting

Feng Shui wisdom encourages the proper use of color believing it can influence your mood. Muted or earth tones are preferred for most rooms. However, bright vibrant colors are encouraged in the home office and exercise area to stimulate activity. Lighting brings positive energy to a room. It encourages energy flow creating balance and harmony.

There are many approaches to creating a peaceful environment. Feng Shui often appeals to people who feel stuck and burdened by their clutter. For as long as people have been clearing the clutter, there have been consultants to help in the process. In that respect, I am a kindred coach.

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