Holiday Organizing Tips Last Beyond the Season

holiday organizing tipsHoliday organizing reduces stress and brings peace to the season. Be mindful. Become aware of how long it takes you to find your favorite decorations,  buy and wrap gifts, prepare food and include favorite traditions. Avoid the last minute rush by organizing first. A well organized home is a long-lasting gift that keeps on giving season after season.

Holiday Traditions

Be you. Bring a special meaning to your holidays by keeping your traditions center stage. Holiday candles, music, recipes, movies and games can reflect your values and the true spirit of the season. Keep all items that belong to such traditions contained together and store in a familiar location. Label the container.

Shopping & Gift Giving

Make a list of all those who will receive a gift from you, your spouse and your children. Remember stocking stuffers, hostess gifts and charitable donations on your list.

Set a deadline for purchases, wrapping, and delivery. Gifts for teachers and overseas friends need to be sent ahead of time.

Wrap and tag gifts soon after purchasing them.  A wrapping station should contain all items needed including paper, bags, tissue, ribbon and tags.

Keep gift receipts until all gifts are given and acknowledged.


The bins and boxes you pull out first should contain the items you will use first. If you string outdoor holiday lights before anything else, have the box of lights located in the front so you don’t have to dig deep to find them.

Go room to room deciding what you need for each. Tis the season to help out those less fortunate, so if you decide your decorations are no longer useful, give them to charities who will find a nice home for them prior to the holiday. Throw away broken ornaments and damaged decorations.

Find fun ways to show off holiday cards. Refresh your stored linens by hanging them a day before use.

Get a good night’s sleep

You don’t have to do everything. Ask for help from family members. While you are preparing for everyone to have a good time, don’t forget your need for a good night’s sleep. Also, keep in mind that a professional organizer can help with holiday organizing in a very special way. Find peace. Stay organized before, during and after the holiday season.

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