Two Simple Ways to Help Our Seniors Get Organized

Ways to help seniors organize

What is at the top of your senior relative’s to-do list? The best way to find out is to ask or at least observe. In my experience as a professional organizer, seniors are looking for easy ways to manage their activities and appointments. They also want easy, portable access to their medical information.

Can a calendar bring contentment?

Yes. A calendar becomes an easy way to organize life. I wrote some tips on how to use a calendar in a previous post on calendaring. For those with vision problems, arthritis, or memory issues the physical calendar can be adapted and customized. For instance, find one with large lettering. Appointments for the month, birthdays, and events are all visible at a glance. Color-coding according to type of event can be helpful too. There are even calendars with pockets that can hold a few notes.  No anxiety about what to do, when and where. It’s all there on the calendar. You may want to find a calendar that includes a joke of the day, or an inspirational quote that you can talk about with your elderly relative. At-A-Glance offers a Psalms calendar with quotes.

Helping seniors organize medical information

Keeping original medical documents together in a fireproof, portable box can ensure safekeeping. Copies of records can be kept in a labeled “grab and go” accordion style folder with a flap closure. The important thing is to create a system. As a professional organizer I listen and observe. When it makes sense, I create major categories and alphabetize or use a color code. Within the folder, files can be organized with the most recently dated document in front.

Along with the medical records should be basic information including the names of physicians with contact information, a prescription list, and a health care power of attorney document. Choose an appropriate place in the home to keep the folder. When using a computer, it’s good to mirror digital file names with paper files. Having this information easily available brings peace of mind.

Creating a usable calendar and organizing medical information are two simple ways to help a senior relative get organized. If you’ve observed other organizing needs for a senior relative in the Chicago area, give Organizing Coach Company a call. Organizing companies can help with these and other organizing needs.

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