A Picture Perfect Life Requires Photo Organizing

photo albumCan you easily find your favorite photos? Are they stuck in a file somewhere or stacked in a box in the basement forgotten? Personal photos hold a unique view of our lives. With a glimpse or a stare we can feel their value.

That feeling is healthy. Marquette University Researcher Kathleen E. Hazlett affirmed through a study what we all know: looking at our personal photos creates positive emotions. Naomi I. Eisenberger who studies connections between social pain and physical pain conducted an experiment where participants rated the pain caused by heat stimuli. Those who were looking at pictures of their romantic partners reported less pain.

If you want to enjoy your personal collection of photos, a professional photo organizer can help you label, sort, create albums and books, and store them digitally or physically in a manner that makes your photos easily accessible to you.

Who is the photo organizer at your home? This responsibility can be easily managed when you have a system in place for photo organizing. Here are some tips on how you can make that happen.

Get Started Organizing Your Photos


Designate a time and date to begin. An appointment with a professional photo organizer is one way to stick to your commitment to get organized.

Gather all your photos in a single spot. Depending on what makes most sense to you, your collection can be organized chronologically, by category, or another idea from the professional photo organizer.

A professional can help you edit, saving only the photos you want. You now have a well-curated collection of photos, not stacks of blurry images that are taking up space. Consider purchasing our Simplesizing Photo Kit.

Add key information to easily identify your photos.

Put a system in place for organizing your photos and stick to it.

Make sure your storage method is appropriate. If you want to preserve photos for future generations take steps to find the best preservation materials.

A picture may be worth a thousand words or a thousand feelings during your life. Enjoy them.

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