Home Organizing With Color

CrayonsRemember your first box of crayons? The colors lined up in neat, pointed rows inviting you to create a world fueled by imagination. How can home organizers use color to clear up clutter? Professional organizers use color to help their clients live more productive and pleasing lifestyles. Color saves time and energy. Color easily categorizes and causes instant recognition. Here’s some advice on how home organizers can use color to clear up clutter and find clarity.

Color meaning is personal

Don’t let anyone push a color scheme on you. Colors mean different things to different people. For instance, green may mean finances to one person and recycling or environmental issues to another.  Connect your own meaning with the color. This helps you stay consistent when home organizing with color.

Keep it simple

Don’t over complicate the use of color. Use blue, not shades of blue when organizing. You won’t need a dozen colors. Three to five colors should do the trick whether it’s for a file folder or bathroom.  Avoid brain overload by keeping it simple. This is not a one-time attempt but a great way for home organizers to achieve on-going success.

Categorize by location and likeness

In a home office color can brighten décor and enhance mood. It can also separate business from personal, fresh from old, and urgent from less important. If you choose yellow for personal papers don’t add bills to the file. Color implies a category and should be instantly identifiable.

Associate color with its likeness. In a laundry area this might mean using a dark colored basket for dark clothes and a white basket for light colored clothes.  In the kitchen you can use different colored cutting boards based on food groups.

Medicine cabinets, magazine racks, closets and even children (things that belong to them) can be color –coded to help you instantly find what you need simply by following a color scheme that makes sense to you.

Use color wisely and strategically

balloonsWhen used wisely home organizing with color can reduce the amount of time you spend searching and save your energy for the things you enjoy.  Be strategic about appointing color and its purpose. To learn more about how you can apply organizing with color in your Chicago area home give me a call or send me an email.

Although that first box of crayons never looked the same after first opening it, colors still brighten our world.

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