Home Organization for the Seasons

cherry blossom treesSeasonal changes make us look and react to our surroundings in a new way. Time spent digging through closets or sifting through mounds of stuff in the garage could be spent planting a garden in the spring, swimming in the summer, hiking through woods during the fall and sipping hot chocolate in the winter. Effective, timesaving home organization strategies will make organizing for the seasons as fantastic as the seasons themselves.

A lot of home organization principles are based on behavior. Identify how your lifestyle changes with each season.  Then start organizing items in a way that serves you best. For example, store beach towels, swimsuits, flip flops and sun block together if you are a family that loves going to the beach or pool.

In the four-season closet hang winter clothes at one end and summer clothes at the other with fall and spring in between. The same holds true for shelves, drawers and shoe racks. Separate by season. When closet space isn’t big enough, use an alternate closet for out-of-season clothes or put wardrobe items in a breathable linen box. Plastic traps moisture and can damage clothing. Purge what no longer flatters you. Attend to changes in family wardrobes with each family member present.  Does it still fit? Will they wear it? If the answer is no, put it in a bag and donate it to someone who will use it.

Home organization for the seasons may include changes in the kitchen, too. Think about how you store centerpieces, cloth vs. paper napkins, plastic glasses, mugs and trays. A professional organizer listens first and then with a discerning eye advises on home organization solutions based on your preferences and space available.

Add storage by positioning a basket near the backdoor for things you use outside. Over the door organizers traditionally used for shoes are great for gardening tools in the spring and gift-wrapping accessories during the holiday season.  They can be used to store small supplies like bug spray and tanning lotion, too.

Organize Outdoor Seasonal Items

In the garage, you can organize by season as well. Think of what you need for your yard during spring, summer, fall and winter. Position these items together for a one-stop solution. Finding a trowel for spring planting becomes a pleasure rather than an on-going frustration. The same holds true for rakes and snow shovels.

Sports activities usually require gear. If all sports equipment is kept in the same area you can find what you need whether it be a tennis racquet, skis or golf clubs. Keep tennis balls with racquets, golf balls with clubs and baseballs with bats.

Each new season offers us something new. The cycle is predictable. Be ready by the time the leaves change color, the snow falls, the bulbs bloom, and the lake warms.  Home organization for the seasons will let you relax and enjoy.

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