Seniors on the Move – Transition May Be Easier Than You Think

Moving SeniorsThe decision to move is the mark of a new beginning. Moving seniors can be made easier when using the professional services offered by a certified relocation transition specialist. Think of them as move managers for seniors. They can help jumpstart this new episode by lifting the burdens related to moving. The biggest decision (to move or not) is behind you.  It’s time to start looking forward.

Senior moves often include downsizing. What you choose to retain should reflect your new lifestyle. Keep the things you use and get rid of unwanted items. As a yardstick, most of us use only 20% of what we own. By donating it, you are giving someone else the opportunity to use it. This creates a good feeling.

Identify and hold onto items you want passed to the next generation. A certified relocation transition specialist can help seniors with downsizing and other tasks related to moving.

Get your home ready to sell

You may need help cleaning up your existing home and making necessary repairs. Completing these tasks will improve your chances of selling at the price you want.

Organize your belongings

Identify and categorize what to take to your new home. Think in terms of the floor plan. You don’t want to move a dining room table that seats eight when the new home has a small dining area. Be realistic about what tableware and cookware you will really use:  chances are you won’t be doing as much cooking and entertaining.

This task can be daunting, especially for seniors.   When you have a move manager, they can help you decide what to take and pack it for you as you sort through your possessions before the move.  Working with a trusted senior transition specialist, the process of packing and unpacking becomes seamless from end-to-end.

Having someone who understands your values and lifestyle can make your new home just the way you want it to be. Senior moves are a new beginning. For seniors on the move and their families, having someone plan, execute, and follow up during the transition keeps everyone moving forward.

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