The Joy of Being Clutter Free

Clutter-free woman

Becoming clutter free means you no longer have to live a crowded or confused life. Your movement is not impeded and your effectiveness soars. Think about the freedom afforded when you know where your blue blouse is, your bills are paid on time, and you rediscover items you thought were lost.

Time and energy are big benefits of a clutter-free lifestyle. The frantic searches are over. You know where to find what you need.  Some people discover new wardrobe options never realized before the clean up occurred. Company or friends can drop in without extra work or embarrassment.

You feel calm. When you’re calm everyone around you is happier. This indirectly positively affects your health and well-being. You are able to do things easily and quickly, freeing up time to spend on things that bring joy to your life.

One woman I worked with in Barrington, Ill., described it this way: “It’s amazing how quickly my inner landscape became peaceful when my exterior space became classified and color coded.” 

Other joys of a clutter-free lifestyle include saving money. You won’t be paying late fees or re-buying what you are unable to find. Exercising control over your environment is a good habit that offers many on-going rewards.

In his book the Power of Habit, New York Times reporter Charles Duhigg, writes: “People might be skeptical about their ability to change if they’re by themselves, but a group will convince them to suspend disbelief. A community creates belief.”

Surround yourself with believers, not clutter. A professional organizer can help you get started and stay with you until you feel the joy of being clutter free.

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