Ask Questions to Find the Right Professional Organizer

DecisionsFinding the right professional organizer for you doesn’t need to be hard. Focus on getting answers to the questions most important to you. You might value a good working relationship. Or need someone who can get an urgent project done now. You may be unsure of the investment or what kinds of projects an organizer excels at. Here are some basic questions to ask before making any commitments.

Questions to Ask a Professional Organizer

1. What kinds of clients do you serve?

2. Are there services you specialize in?

3. Are you a Certified Professional Organizer?

4. Is your company insured?

5. How do you keep up with best practices?

6. What can I expect during our first meeting?

7. How is the cost determined?

8. How many years have you been a professional organizer? Any professional experience in a related field?

9. Do you have references from people who have worked with you directly

10. What hours and days of the week are you available?

11. What is your cancellation policy?

When these questions have been answered to your satisfaction, ask the organizer to meet with you to define the scope of your project.  You will get better answers to your specific questions when an organizer understands the particulars of your project.

Building Rapport and Trust are Important

Ask, “Will I be working with you or an associate?” Part of an organizer’s job is to transfer organizing skills to the client. Establishing good rapport with an organizer helps clients get the most out of the process, including the support they need from a valued, trusted professional. Is the organizer a good listener? Do they make suggestions and offer solutions that work best for your lifestyle?

When time is important look for experience and availability. Rest assured that working with an organizer your job will get done.  If something about your situation presents obstacles to an organized life you should feel comfortable discussing such matters with the organizer.

 Express your concerns if the organizer does not feel like a good fit for you. In all likelihood a professional organizer will refer you to someone well suited for you and your project.

As professional organizers, we help you reap the benefits of a well-organized lifestyle. Any questions you would like to add or have answered?

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