When Clutter Weighs On You

Black Woman thinkingThere are times when clutter weighs on you. Clothes stack up. Piles of paper form. Bill payments are late, because they are lost in your in-box. You can’t find anything when you need it.

The truth of the matter is that clutter often accumulates because you are dealing with other urgent matters: a sick parent or child, health issues or a new job. It just happens.

Don’t let clutter overwhelm you. You can find a clutter solution. In fact, clearing out physical clutter can offer serenity to your mind. Two Yale psychologists, Lawrence Williams and John Bargh, found that unconscious thoughts and feelings are influenced by a sense of open or congested physical space. Open spaces trigger sensations of safety while congested space signals thoughts of emotional discomfort.

You can start small. Decide on one space that you want to clear. Choose a junk drawer, a kitchen cabinet, or your inbox. Separate items into three piles: toss, donate or keep.

As a professional organizer and life coach, I help people find an organizing system that fits their lifestyle and enhances their well being.

Let me know if you want help to lighten your load.

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