Back to School, Back to Work

post it notes at a busy office deskWhen the kids go back to school, it creates an opportunity for adults to approach their work with renewed energy and enthusiasm.  Labor Day always reminds me of that.

                                                                                                                                      Over the years, I’ve had many clients who felt stuck in their work environment. However, after clearing the physical clutter, they became more energized and empowered at work. 

Featured Client Story: Home vs. Work Space

Joanne had a new home-based business, and was working in a small nook in the master bedroom. With a growing list of clients and projects, she was extremely frustrated by a lack of space and organization. “I had stacks of files, which meant it took forever to find things,” said Joanne.

When I met with her, we looked over the existing space and explored alternatives for office space. After discussing the options with family, Joanne’s college-age son moved his bedroom into the finished basement, and she moved her office into his room.

“I needed an objective voice to help me make this decision, and Jane helped me realize that this was a necessity for my business and peace of mind,” said Joanne. “Now everything has its place. The systems Jane put in place continue to work today.”

Morale of the story: Never underestimate the power of a fresh start.

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