Are your kids REALLY prepared to go back to school?

college girls with borderYou’ve purchased the sheets, school supplies, comforter and computer, but is your son or daughter really ready to live on their own at college? Are your younger students back in learning mode? There is more to being prepared than just purchasing back-to-school gear.
Featured Client Story:
College Student Learns a Valuable Lesson
Recently, I was asked to help a mom whose son was getting ready for college.  He was excited to go, but was not at all ready for the transition. His room was filled with the clutter of his childhood. There were clothes everywhere, much of which he didn’t like or wear. He had many toys and stuffed animals that could have been collected and donated.  His room needed to be reviewed from top to bottom.  He had no idea how to even begin the organizing process.
Together we sorted through all his belongings. What he was left with were the things he loved and used, organized so that he could easily find what he needed.  He now knew exactly how to pack for college. “I have my room back. I can breathe now,” said the soon-to-be college student.
This proved to be the perfect send-off for both mother and son. The son had his room organized and learned some skills that would help him adjust to a new, smaller space.  Meanwhile, Mom enjoyed the neat room, as well as her son’s growing confidence.

If you are afraid to open the door of your student’s room, don’t hesitate to call us at (847) 776-8717. A trained professional might be just what you need to get the situation under control.


Get ready prior to the first day of school.  Include kids in the organizing process and make organizing their rooms’ part of your annual ritual.

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