Travel Time



It’s summer …  While all of us know the benefits of travel, we may avoid it simply because it can cause additional stress.
If you are already busy, planning and executing a successful trip can be challenging. It’s one more big project to contend with.  For some of us, just the thought of packing and unpacking can be enough to stop us.  This is where organizing becomes important.

Being organized supports us in our lives, and can help us lead the life we choose.  Being organized makes it easier to get ready for a trip and also makes re-entry less stressful.

Do you have systems that make your travel time easy?  Would you travel more if you did? Let Organizing Coach Company help you make time for all the things you want to do. Call Jane at (847) 776-8717.

Create a travel and packing list.  The travel list can contain items such as stop your mail, forward your phone, set your light timer, etc.  The packing list can include all the items you need to pack.  Also, consider creating lists for other members of your household.

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