Organizing Goals: Are you on track?

Have you followed your goals so far this year?  Remember in  January when we asked you to set some goals for the New Year and New Decade?  Well, it’s springtime now and it’s time to review your progress.  Are you on track?  If you are, that’s great! 

If not, it’s time to get a reality check on how important those goals are for you.  If they are important, it’s time to get started.  Many of our clients tell us that they make so much more progress when they have organizing sessions scheduled.  Otherwise, they don’t make time for it and it doesn’t get done.   

It’s natural for things to fall down our priority list.  Will you be one of the few that reaches their goals?  It’s spring and soon the kids will be getting out of school, then family and vacation time.  Unfortunately, many of those organizing goals fall by the wayside then.  But the good news is there’s time now.   It’s time to change the clothes for the season,  remove those old files, and get your home ready for some fun.

How far down the priority list will you let yourself and your home go?

Get started now!

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