Thinking about starting an interactive clutter discussion here.  What are your challenges?  Please share what your biggest clutter area happens to be.  Why is it difficult to manage?

My challenge is usually involving projects, those in progress and the ones waiting in line.

What’s yours?

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2 thoughts on “Clutter?

  1. Jane:
    Our biggest problem area these days is the garage. No matter how often we organize it, after a few weeks it is difficult to walk through the mess to find what you need. What would be a good first step to rethink this area?

  2. Hi Joanne,

    Thanks for sharing your problem area. To answer your question, consider what the garage should be used for. Make a list of all the requirements and see if you can map out an area for each. Plan it out so that each area can meet the needs of everyone. For example, maybe the gardening area is close to a side door near the garden. Sports can be organized by sport and contained for easy access. If the garage contains seasonal decorations, consider storage that is out of the way since it is only accessed occasionally. You get my point!

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