Managing your Space

istock_000004647762xsmallThis was published in a national magazine this month, thought I would share it with you.

Consider setting up your office in areas:

  • Phone
  • Workspace
  • Action Files
  • Archive Files
  • Reference
  • Supplies

Consider hanging a calendar or bulletin board on your wall. A vision board is a great addition that can help you showcase what you want to create in your life.

Use wall space by adding shelves.

Make sure to separate your file drawers so that you keep your business files separate from your household papers.

Consider getting a label maker and labeling your files. It makes a big difference!

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One thought on “Managing your Space

  1. Loved all the ideas, I have an old house with limited storage space and I have to share the space with my children’s toys, so I put these ideas into action, and my life has been functioning more smoothly. I also took your advice and bought a label maker, and it has become my new favorite toy, I love it. Thanks for helping me simplify my life.

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