What is SimpleSizing?

pod_photo01aYou’ve heard of downsizing and rightsizing but how about SimpleSizingSM?

What is SimpleSizingSM? The act of making things simple.

The concept is so simple.  Live your life around what matters to you.  Honor your values.  Arrange your home so that it reflects what you truly love or need.   It’s that simple!

Things have become so hectic for people that many have lost their way and become totally overwhelmed in a sea of clutter.  Many have collected or purchased so many things and don’t know what to do with them.  What they really value is lost in the turmoil.  It is a real waste of time, money and energy!

Time to SimpleSize!  Let’s look at how this may make a difference for you.    Imagine yourself having just all the things you love or use.  Your home reflects your tastes.  Everything you love is displayed.  All the things you use are easily accessible.  How wonderful and simple your life could be!

As a Professional Organizer with a background as a Life Coach, I have seen many people in very uncomfortable and even dangerous situations.  They live their lives dreading to come home or have anyone visit due to all the clutter in their homes.

What I’ve discovered is that there is a way to cut through all the stuff by following the thread of what is really valuable.  I have SimpleSized many clients by helping to clarify what is important for them.  The SimpleSize system is easy and works especially well for people in transition.  When people get ready to move, they can choose to SimpleSize and many find it can be a liberating experience.

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