The Search for the Perfect Gift

Colorful Christmas PresentsEver notice how stressed out people become this time of year?

Everyone is trying to find the perfect gift.  They rack their brains coming up with what they think that person would really like or appreciate.  Many times after spending an inordinate amount of time fretting and searching and then finding the ‘perfect gift’ they are only to have their hopes dashed.  So often, people politely say thank you and quietly add the gift to their already overstuffed closets or piles of stuff to deal with later.

Think outside of the box this year, take a chance, and consider something experiential!  Get them a spa visit (could be local) or a visit to the zoo to help behind the scenes.  Maybe they would like to take a boxing lesson or pole dance class.  There are so many ideas, besides tickets for a play or movie, how about purchasing a private cooking class or hiring a chef to cook for a small group.  I have quite a few people that contact me for a gift certificate to help jumpstart the organizing process.

Another consideration might be way to go green or contribute to a charity.  There is an organization that will help you get off of the mailing lists and plant trees instead.  There is another place called that you can choose a gift as well as choose the charity that 10% of your purchase price goes to, so you are giving twice!  Check out for some great looking handmade silk bags that are made by women artisans in poor countries.  Your purchase will be appreciated by both your recipient and the disadvantaged women of Cambodia.

Lastly, I think this is great.  There is a necklace that has been created to help collect seed capital for grants for aspiring entrepreneurs in poor countries.  The necklace is being sold by and features the earth, the seed and the human as charms on the necklace.  Check it out, what could be more fitting for a women!

Whatever your special person appreciates, they are sure to love a new surprise experience.  And, they will not only remember the experience, they will remember you for thinking of it.  It truly is special when you can design a gift that truly has meaning!

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