Falling into the Holiday Swirl!

istock_000004775242xsmall2Well, it seems as though it’s that time of year again.  The time when everything starts to gain momentum, it’s as if we get caught up in the swirl of the leaves flying and move right into the holidays, one after another.

We go from that back to school time right into Halloween, then Thanksgiving, Christmas and the New Year without so much as a break in between.  It seems that as soon as the decorations are up, they need to be taken down and replaced with the next holiday.

Each year, I have been attempting to simplify.  I try to weed out and donate the decorations that I don’t love.  That way I only keep and get to enjoy the ones that I really like.   It seems much easier when it’s time to put them up or away.

This year, I want to be really intentional.  I want to stop all the busyness.  I am taking the time to reflect on what didn’t work for me last year.   By identifying what caused stress last year, I can simplify the way I do things by making changes that make it a happier holiday time.

I want to simplify with the cards and gifts, too.  Each year I make a list and then find it challenging to get the greeting cards done.  This year, I want to do it differently.  I am considering a service that will do the cards for me.  It can be just as personal and I don’t have to do all the work.

Do you have any ways that you are planning to simplify the holidays?

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