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Jane and her team did a terrific job of triage: organizing, hand-holding and packing for our big downsizing move.  Although we were just moving within Chicago, things were so well wrapped and labeled I think we could have shipped the boxes to anywhere in Europe and found everything perfectly intact.  With her assistance, we were able to feel comfortable with everything.

Chicago, Ill


What’s a great way to start the year?

As you reflect on last year and plan your goals for the New Year, think about a personal statement that will keep you focused on your goal. What is important? What do you want to remember every day? Put the statement somewhere you will see it often: your bulletin board, vision board, a screensaver or even a sticky note.

The simple act of writing the statement down and looking at it every day will help you make your goal a reality.

Once you have a statement, identify the areas that have challenged you in the past or have made it difficult to achieve your goal. Write down the action steps you will take to overcome those challenges. Connect with a partner to share ideas and progress.

I am bombarded with catalogs and unwanted mailings.
How can I find a way to get off the mailing lists?

There are several ways to be removed from the lists. One way is through the Direct Marketing Association. If you go to, you can remove your name for 5 years. The cost is $1 online and you must complete the form online. You can also register by mail and by phone.

The other option is Catalog Choice where you can choose what lists you want to be on and they manage it for you. There is a charge for this service and they also offer a mail-in program. Their website is

Suburban Senior Column, January 2012

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