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Jane and her team did a terrific job of triage: organizing, hand-holding and packing for our big downsizing move.  Although we were just moving within Chicago, things were so well wrapped and labeled I think we could have shipped the boxes to anywhere in Europe and found everything perfectly intact.  With her assistance, we were able to feel comfortable with everything.

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Kitchen Organizing

Does your kitchen function?

How is your kitchen organized?  Some people take time to figure out where to put their cooking items.  Other people just put things wherever they fit.  As a Certified Professional Organizer, I come across all kinds of clients.  Usually, I ask who is in their family and how they function in their space.

The ultimate answer lies in having easy access to what you need in the moment.  Having an organized kitchen, one that works for you, is truly a gift.  If your kitchen functions well, it can save you time, money and energy.  Lots of energy!  If you have to walk across the room to put your dishes away, how much energy do you expend?  If your kids are unable to help get their dishes and put them away, it adds to your load.

Think about the money!  I had a client who kept buying canned food for her pantry because it was unorganized and she could never find what she was looking for at the time she needed it.  It would get crammed and frustrate her.  Once the pantry was organized, she had much less stress.

Consider viewing your kitchen as specialty areas.  They might include preparation, cooking, baking, serving, parties, etc.  It may help you organize it where it functions better for you.

If you haven’t reviewed your cooking utensils in a while, consider pulling all of your items out onto your counter or table and categorize them.  If you have 8 spatulas, pick your favorites and donate or dump the rest.
Here are some categories to consider when organizing your kitchen:

  • Food storage
  • Baking
  • Seasoning
  • Cooking tools
  • Serving dishes
  • Cleaning

Consider removing packaging and keeping products easily accessible with bins.  Use for drink packets, mixes, seasonings, soups, etc. The bonus is you’ll know what you have on hand.

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