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Entryway Tips & Checklist

Create a launchpad, where each person has their own space, which can be personalized and needs to be easily accessible. Remember to consider the height of each person. Consider the school locker model and adapt it to fit your space, decor and budget. If you are unable to afford custom cabinetry or furniture, consider hooks and a bench with baskets. Be creative — consider repurposing items you already own. Consider investing in a labeler to personalize your space; you can also use photos.

• Designate a place for everything; consider labeling to make it easy for everyone.

• Have an in/out basket for mail and assorted items.

• Eliminate whatever you can from coming into your space; do not let junk mail into your home.

• Develop good habits; put things away daily.

• Enlist help from your family. Do not do everything yourself. Others need to support your efforts and learn to do things, too.


Entryway Checklist

The following is a list of items to consider when setting up
or reviewing your entryway.  Make sure you have adequate
space for storage of your items.  Don’t forget vertical space.

> Keys
> Mail Holder
> Docking Station
> Hooks for coats
> Baskets for hats, scarves, gloves
> Cubbies for backpacks
> Racks for shoes
> Place for purse, wallets, briefcases
> Place for tote bags
> Bin for items that belong to someone else
> Mirror
> Clock
> Checklist of items needed daily
> Family Calendar to identify activities, appointments, etc.
> Flashlight
> Umbrella Stand
> Water/refillable water bottles
> Emergency Kit
> Miscellaneous on the go items, i.e. bug spray, snacks, travel games
> Sport bags for equipment
> Pet Equipment – leashes, toys


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